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About us

Shopping the smart way

Our service currently covers Birmingham central and surrounding areas including

Central Birmingham, Jewellery Quarter, Edgbaston, Newtown, Ladywood

Currently BETA





bskt personalises your grocery shopping based on what you buy, and when you buy it. Our AI and unique data collection tools allows us to give you a new way of getting whatever you need, whenever you need it – all the while reducing waste.

How it works

Shop via a desktop or smartphone, using our app, webshop, and in the future other connect devices.

Bored of remembering when you need fresh milk?”

We’ll do the hard work of remembering your preferences, whilst building a list of regulars for you.

Our platform uses cloud-based tech to process and action orders within minutes. As well as sophisticated demand forecasting, to decide just how many/which products to stock.

We love recommending great new products via our personalisation algo.

We will curate bundles for you. Simply confirm and our heros will pack the freshest products from our local store.

Oh and our platform routes deliveries to homes in the most sustainable way with zero emissions. We calculate the the most efficient route for a hero to take – as soon as an order is made.

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Registered office: 20-22 Wenlock Road, London, N1 7GU, United Kingdom. Company Number: 12457313