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8 everyday essentials you always forget to buy

8 essential items

Say you’ve written your shopping list. You’ve checked it multiple times and even gone out of your way to ask if anyone needs anything from the shops. You get dressed and venture out – arriving at the shops, phone in hand glowing with all the things you need to get. The doors slide open. The air conditioning hits you as you begin to gather everything on your list.

You pop your phone into your jeans (or jacket) pocket the second you pick up a basket. Now that list you’ve spent so long making gets pushed further back in your mind as you go down the aisles.

You arrive back to the comfort of your own home. But once you start to put everything away, it dawns on you. You’ve forgotten something, haven’t you? It’s awful isn’t it?

But it happens to the best of us.

Another trip to the store is obviously out of the question (especially due to the ever-present risk of COVID-19). It’s OK. There’s always next time.

But to avoid another ‘next time’, here’s a straightforward list of the most frequently forgotten essential items. It’ll help you to remember, maybe.

Forgotten item 1: Toilet paper

Loo rolls: The moment you realise you’re out is often too late

Let’s kick things off with a classic.

It’s always someone else’s turn to buy the Andrex, and you only ever seem to realise you’ve run out when it’s too late.

Remember the start of the pandemic? Toilet roll became one of the rarer commodities to buy.

Remind yourself of this from time to time, especially when out shopping.

Forgotten item 2: Razors

Razors: A helpful tool or vicious weapon? Only time will tell.

When you buy a new pack of razors, do you blaze through the first few and then wince as you try to make the final razor last as long as possible?
Shaving any part of your body with a dull razor is understandably upsetting. We naturally want to avoid the bumps, cuts or burns on our skin.

Also, regardless of whether you live with people or not, in your bathroom you’ll no doubt find an abundance of old Gillettes – held onto for who knows how long. Just throw them away.

Oh, and don’t forget shaving foam while you’re out too.

Forgotten item 3: Batteries

Batteries: With great power comes great responsibility.

You. Need. Batteries.

Alongside bin bags and toilet paper, batteries are something you don’t even realise you need until something like your TV remote starts to act up.

Giving the remote control a big whack or opening the back and rolling the batteries in place to get the thing going again isn’t the way forward, pick up a pack of Duracells.

Forgotten item 4: Light bulbs

Light bulbs: You can also hold one above your head each time you have an idea.

You don’t give them much thought until you’re eating dinner and all of a sudden one burns out.
I actually didn’t understand how or why I’d lived the majority of my life in the dark.

I realised too late it was because a light bulb had blown, and I’d forgotten to buy replacements the last time I was forced to trudge down to the shops.

Forgotten item 5: Washing up liquid

Q: How much Fairy is too much Fairy? A: This much Fairy.

Even if you’re lucky enough to own a dishwasher, washing-up liquid is essential. And those empty Fairy bottles are either aggressively shaken to get the last drops out, or watered down to the point where it’s basically just water.
At the end of the day, you can save time and cut that kind of hassle out by picking up an extra bottle of your favourite washing up liquid the next time you’re out.

Forgotten item 6: Bin bags

Bin bags: Without them your house stinks.

You’ll have been here before: the bin piles up and you need to take it out before the smell covers the room. Bin emptied. Job done.
But that was the last bin bag. The massive roll you bought has all gone.

Maybe you could empty your leftovers straight into the bin. But who’s cleaning it afterwards, you? I don’t think so.

So when you’re getting low, definitely buy a new roll. And they’re not just for kitchen bins…

Forgotten item 7: Tin foil

If you use Tin Foil like Al, you’ll need a top up sooner than anticipated.

Tin foil is one of the unsung heroes of the kitchen. We use it to cook, bake and keep food warm. But what happens when the roll is done and dusted?
Off to the shop you go to buy some more.

Don’t forget your heroes.

Forgotten item 8: Household cleaner

Multi-surface cleaner: We usually spray directly onto the surface. But hey, whatever works.

For the bathroom, kitchen and… well just about any other room that needs a good disinfecting. We spill things for fun nowadays (there isn’t much else to do), so it’s always good to have one of these bottles on hand for when the time strikes.
Not to limit these products to spills, the arrival of the pandemic raised awareness to how we used to live. It’s true, we often don’t know where our hands have been. Maybe it’s time to clean those surfaces.

Get what you need delivered to your door in minutes.

Going to the shops is a pain. Nobody likes doing it. So the next time you forget something from your shopping list, just add to bskt and let us bring it to you.

Visit www.bskt.co to get started.

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