7 quick and easy vegetarian recipes

vegetarian recipes

Eat your greens!

Truth is, over the last decade people across Britain have taken a liking to the idea of a plant-based diet. Fruit and veg keep you happy and full of energy – plus it doesn’t hurt that they taste absolutely amazing.

And with ‘Veganuary’ starting many people off on the road to more of a plant-based diets, it’s easy to end up stuck for ideas.

Below are 7 super-fast vegetarian/vegan recipes, curated by your friends at bskt. Whether you’re trying to get dinner on the table quickly or just feeling a bit peckish, you can bring these recipes together in 30 minutes or less. Bon appetite.

Mac ‘n’ cheese


The ultimate comfort food.

Few things make me salivate more than digging the serving spoon into a big bowl of mac ‘n’ cheese, and seeing the strings of cheese melt off.

But who says it needs to be made with real cheese? Vegan alternatives to mac ‘n’ cheese have been popping up everywhere, and we love Jamie Oliver’s vegan mac ‘n’ cheese recipe in particular, perfect for those looking for a dairy-free alternative.

Broccoli dip

Broccoli dip

It’s is an elite-tier vegetable, but why settle for big, bland, boiled bits of broccoli? What are you going to do with them? Maybe sprinkle on a bit of salt?


This warm broccoli dip recipe from Live Lighter reimagines a classic and is sure to go down well with any crowd. Just mix all the ingredients in a bowl and shove them in the oven for 25-30 minutes.

Vegan ramen

Vegan ramen

Perfect for the colder winter months.

Noodles are the cornerstone for anyone cooking with a smaller budget. But instead of throwing the pack’s contents into a pot of boiling water, why not try spicing it up a bit?

With a few extra ingredients you can transform the average pack of insta-noodles into a hearty, gourmet dish. Check out this easy vegan ramen recipe from Minimalist Baker.

Vegetable fried rice

Vegetable fried rice

Fried rice, but make it POP.

If you have a hankering for Chinese-style fried rice, and want to use all the vegetables you may have forgotten about in your fridge – here is a recipe just for you from COOKIE + Kate!

Caribbean rice and peas

Caribbean rice and peas

Here’s one I picked up from a friend. His dad cooks this dish on Sundays or for special occasions!

It’s a simple recipe and can be made with minimal fuss. The beans are a good source of protein, and the dish can also be made with brown long-grain rice if you were looking for a way to make it even healthier. Check out the Jamaican rice and peas recipe on Food and Wine. Thank me later.

Vegan cupcakes

Vegan cupcakes

They can’t all be savoury dishes, can they?

For those with a sweet tooth, cupcakes make for the perfect party snack or late night treat. This vegan cupcake recipe from BBC Good Food even uses dairy-free alternatives to get the same light, spongey results.

Banana bread

Banana bread

Have you ever bought a bunch of bananas, eat one or two and look on in horror as they overripen?

I wouldn’t worry about that anymore. This banana bread recipe, another great one from BBC Good Food, is fantastic for situations exactly like this.

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