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Beat the winter cold with these 5 immune system boosting foods

Beat the winter cold with these 5 immune system boosting foods

For obvious reasons, keeping your immune system as strong as possible is more important than ever before. Winter is officially upon us here in the UK which means many of us are run down with a typical cold or flu.

Colder temperatures and shorter days mean that we typically start spending more cosy days indoors, and this can impact your body’s resilience to fighting off illness. Access to Vitamin D is limited and being in close proximity to others at home increases the risk of being exposed to bacterial germs that others may have picked up.

Incorporating certain ‘superfoods’ into your diet can be beneficial to keeping your immune system strong. Here are our top five immune-boosting foods to be eating right now:

bskt spinach

As an excellent source of Vitamin K, iron, zinc and chlorophyll, spinach is the everyday leaf to help strengthen your immunity, boost hydration, reduce the risk of iron deficiency and more.

Suggestion: Add to an omelette in the morning or saute with lemon and garlic as a side dish for lunch/dinner.

Sweet Potato

Sweet potatoes are packed with Vitamin A, so as well as boosting immunity, they can also aid vision, growth, cell division and reproduction.

Suggestion: Replace your usual white jacket potato with a sweet potato or cut into wedges and oven bake.


Lemons are a common go-to when it comes to battling cold and flu, and for good reason. As an excellent source of Vitamin C it helps build and maintain your immune system, reduces pain, inflammation and more.

Suggestion: Add a slice of lemon to your daily water consumption. Goes great whether the water is warm or cold!


“An apple a day keeps the doctor away” is a phrase for a reason! Apples are a good source of antioxidants, fibre, water, and several nutrients so are a healthy addition to your diet.

Suggestion: Slice and dip into peanut butter for a balanced and nutritious snack (and keep the skin on to get the most out of them!)

Greek Yoghurt

Many Greek yoghurts are a great source of vitamin D, regulating and stimulating your immune system to fight disease.

Suggestion: Avoid flavoured yoghurts, sweet plain yoghurts yourself with some immune-boosting fruit and honey.



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